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Using the right Recruitment Partner sets you up for success.

Many organizations these days have become so focused on cost containment that they often overlook the longer-term impact their actions have on the future talent mix in their business. This is most common in organizations where the hiring budget is largely controlled by a CFO or a Procurement Dept who see the hiring function as an admin category, little different from other indirect services.

It is hard to believe but some organizations actually see a vacancy as a cost saving rather that a hindrance to the company's production capability! (Salaries show up on the balance sheet as an expense, rather than an investment producing a revenue return).

It is not difficult to understand that without the means to produce, production (revenue) will be affected! It is critical that Hiring Managers in an organisations are able to demonstrate the business impact of not having the needed employees in the right positions, over short, medium and longer time-spans.

That is only the first step. For any organisation or team with ambition, not only must you fill the vacancy, but you must fill the vacancy with the best possible candidate - And this is where utilising Recruitment Partners comes in.

Specialist Recruiters are not administrative in any way; they are domain experts, relationship managers, EVP specialists and sourcing ninjas.

Domain Experts know their markets. They know your talent competitors at a nuts and bolts level. They can reach into the teams you compete against for the best staff, they can tell you what remuneration and benefits are being paid, and offered. They understand the specific needs of your expertise, and the changes your profession is going through, and in some cases, will go through.

Relationship Managers make time to understand your needs, and the particulars of your company. They assist you by bringing the appropriate talent advice at the right time. They help you internally and externally.

EVP Specialists extend your best brand to the candidate market. By bringing your proposition to large numbers of candidates, the EVP specialist raises awareness and desire for your roles, and increases direct applications too.

Sourcing Ninjas are recruiters with lots of experience in finding the best candidates; in seeking out the single candidate with the mix you need. They are not jaded or burnt out, but energised and excited by your needs. It takes years to be good and even more to be great. Being highly skilled at sourcing is a true separator among recruiters.

If there is one thing to take from this article, it is that recruitment consulting is not linear. There are so many facets to your Recruitment Partner that it is important to choose well. Don't leave it up to procurement or any other function.

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