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Niall has been working in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment since the early 2000s. He has worked every area of the talent supply chain, including Internal Recruiter in Ireland and the USA, Graduate Recruitment and University Partner in Poland and managed some of the biggest Recruitment Agencies in Australia.



A founding Partner of Employee First, Niall is now assisting Australian Tech companies to scale, via Recruitment, Engagement and Talent Consulting Services.


0426 503 608

Graeme has been recruiting  across Europe and Australia for a decade and a half. He is highly regarded as a passionate and dedicated recruiter and was shortlisted for the 2017 Australian Recruitment Consultant of the Year. Graeme is well known as an expert technical recruiter, and brings exceptional skills to every search. 

A founding partner of Employee First Graeme is on a mission to evolve Recruitment and make it fit for purpose in today's changed work environments and to find a viable path for the recruitment industry into the future.



0417 785 258

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