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Hiring talent isn't black & white

And nor should it be !

What a boring world it would be if everyone was as presented on paper, if every resume produced an identikit 3D hologram, or if every job was only what was in the job description....

Interviews (and to a lesser extent resume's and phone screens) provide opportunity for full glorious wizard of oz technicolor.

A good interviewer can find motivations, potential, dreams and passions over and above the competencies and job capabilities and oftentimes it is in this uncovering that jobs are won or lost.

It often worries me that as society tries to nanny us into being automatons, there is pressure to make hiring decisions on technical job criteria only. This is an error repeated at the highest levels of administration, public and private.

It is in personality, and diversity, cultural and otherwise that the greatest gifts come to light.

Genius, delight, deep customer empathy, to name a few, don't happen on a page, they don't often happen in a vacuum either. Rather they are fed by a warm cultural stew of individuals joined together on a journey that cannot be captured in a checkbox.

Let the light in by bringing your personality to work everyday, by being yourself in interview, on both sides of the desk.

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